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You were enthusiastic about your timeshare purchase, but now you feel frustrated with the system, confused and scared. How did you go from being so excited to wondering if the purchase was a mistake?

This is an unfortunate common fear among timeshare owners. Timeshare companies invest millions into marketing, but don’t invest into ensuring their customers are educated on how to use their timeshare at all.


At Leisure School, we are successful timeshare owners, and we designed the course to educate other owners on how to benefit from their own timeshare.

Barrett Masso is the founder and lead teacher at Leisure School. Today, he is an avid traveler, entrepreneur, and owns over $1M worth of timeshares.

Over a decade ago, after an unsuccessful venture, Barrett found himself out of money and needing a way to get back on his feet. He took a position at a leading timeshare resort.

Barrett didn't know very much about the industry before starting, and found that information was hard to come by. But, he was fascinated by the timeshare industry and sought to learn all the basics, the ins and outs, the rules and even discovered secret techniques for using the system successfully. He soon became something of an industry expert and strategist. Enthusiastic and transparent, Barrett took an unusual approach to his job. He truly believed in the advantages of owning a timeshare, so instead of selling at all costs he ensured that his customers were well-informed and clear on the system before purchasing their ownership, and even offered unlimited support after the purchase.

Barrett’s customers were consistently thrilled with their ownership after the purchase, but the timeshare company did not approve of him investing so much time into educating his customers instead of selling. He was forced to resign.

With that, Leisure School Was Born…

Barrett realized there was an incredible opportunity to serve the owners, who were otherwise confused and frustrated, and also fill a major gap in the travel market.

Today, Barrett and his team are committed to delivering online educational programs and timeshare management services, both designed to ensure owners maximize the value of their ownership, and even reduce their costs.

With Leisure School, hundreds of timeshare owners are living the lifestyle their originally signed up for, and even saving or making money using Barrett’s strategies.

More than just a program

We are timeshare owners ourselves! So, the Leisure School team remains current on timeshare industry regulations and processes. And, because we are a part of the community, we know that what we offer is bigger than ourselves - we take your time with your family, your memories and your experiences into our hands as your timeshare coaches and managers.

Unlike other timeshare course teachers, the team takes a highly strategic approach to the lessons, and explains a very clear, step-by-step roadmap for customers - earning Leisure School the #1 ranking for timeshare education programs!

Give a Vacay

Return on your investment is just one reason to feel good about enrolling in Leisure School. When you sign up, your tuition contributes to a vacation for a family! Last year, Barrett gifted his sister and nephews a Disney vacation. He used a Leisure School strategy to book the best hotel, during peak season - a trip his sister would never otherwise have had access to! She was so grateful for the special gift, and the family made lasting memories. Together, they decided to continue the gift-giving tradition by finding a daily that couldn’t afford a vacation and giving them one using the timeshare exchange sites in Barrett’s network. Today, a portion of the proceeds from Leisure School go toward Give a Vacay - a charity that donates a luxury vacation to a family who has never had a proper vacation before and cannot afford one.


As an owner of numerous timeshares, I can whole-heartedly say that there is not a better way to travel. My ownership has enabled me to stay in incredible resorts and homes all over the world, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

I treat my ownership like a vacation home - I gift vacations to family, friends, and business associates as well as rent it people I know from time-to-time in order to offset the costs of ownership.

That being said, not all timeshares are created equally; you need to own one that fits your specific needs. Most importantly, you need to know (a) how to play the game when buying a timeshare and (b) how to work the system when using it. If you invest in the right ownership and take the time to learn how to use it, the end result will be a stress-free vacation lifestyle for yourself and those around you.

I wish a happy vacation to you and yours!



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